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model yachting Australia

What is this site about?

This site has undergone a number of transformations since it was originally set up circa 2000. It has evolved really, rather than changed, as the emphasis has changed to hopefully help resolve some of the many problems that I personally have experienced in a desperate attempt to just try to get some joy by being involved in this fantastic hobby/sport of radio model yachting

 An 'A2' Class boat, (left), and (right), an 'A' Class, sailing together with a Victor Products 'Australia II'                  

From my personal experiences, I know many potential model yachting enthusiasts would have left to well and truly look to satisfy their hobby interests in other more accessible and accomodating sports, such as R/C Cars, Planes, power boats, Helicopters. That's not to say a model yachter cannot also enjoy all those other hobbies.

The existing radio yachting State and National associations cater very well for those folks who know how to sail, who know all the rules, and who are all extremely competitive. And of course all of these folks are in the know as to what is happening so not a lot of information is generally made public. And herein lay, just a tad of a problem.

If you are new to this hobby/sport. my own experience indicates that finding out anything about your new interest could be a long, hard, difficult and frustrating journey.

Typically, your National or State body may, recommend a club to you that you can contact. But when you turn up there, the reality is, is that unless you are prepared to buy a boat that suits their own clubs' requirements, they are not interested, with some some exceptions, in speaking with you.

It is this attitude that I personally have found to be disturbing and certainly detrimental to one entering this sport.

The objective of this site is to try provide you, the reader, with the information that you need, to provide you with the data that will hopefully enable you to make the right choices that will convince you, that your interest in radio yachts will in fact be a lifetime interest, without the bias' that have been the hallmark of radio yachting in this country..

Unashamedly, I must state that having had the good fortune to come across a group of guys, quite by accident, I must add, that shared a common interest in radio yachting, that I had again, the good fortune to try sailing and having been exposed to most of the classes sanctioned by the ARYA and also a great variety of "other" sailboats.

After having benefited from trying pretty much everything that was on offer, I finally became addicted to the 12-metres. I did not start out addicted to the "12's". That situation just evolved. Why? Because they are just so versatile to sail, and beautiful in their grace! I do not know of any other boat that can sail in the shallow waters that the 12 can happily sail in, whilst at the same time time being again, depending on model, happily, able to sail in winds in excess of 15 knots (roughly 30 kph).

And I need to thank the small group of folks I sail with for that opportunity. This group of people sailed, and still do, a wide variety of boats. They had no prejudices about sailing this boat or that, and newcomers are warmly welcomed. That group by the way unofficially called themselves the "Southern Model Radio Yacht Sailors". It was here, sailing with this band of merry men, (and in many cases, they were accompanied by their ever tolerant, and ever patient, partners who could never understand what their own partners saw in the attraction of sailing toy boats, but still and nevertheless provided full support), that I sailed a number of different boats, including A Class, 10-Rater, EC12, Victor products Australia II and America3, an IOM, a Magpie90 and various other craft, and finally decided that the 12-metre was the way to go for me.

But that was for me, and I expect that my interest is not for everybody.

And that is why this site will hopefully cater for most groups of folks interested in this sport. The absolute beginner, the specialist, and provide links that will enable the needs of the competitive sailor to be met.

If you have taken the trouble to read this far, please do not be put off. Despite my passion for the 12's I am in love with all yachts, and from now on, the emphasis of this site will be to promote radio yachting, irrespective of type of boat. All in all, I hope this site will be of benefit to both experienced radio yacht sailors and those just starting out in this fantastic hobby and sport of Radio-Controlled Model Yachting ...

If you would like to actively participate in promoting this hobby, or even if you have only a vague interest, don't know where to go, how to do it, just  click on the following link which will then take you to the forum pages of this site, where you can then ask questions and make constructive comments and maybe even on the odd occasion even get answers to your questions...

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