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Some Starter Boats

I qualify this section with the comments that I am not familiar with most of the boats shown below, but I am most certainly familiar with the suppliers and can recommend them with the highest confidence as my own experience with them has not only been faultless, but in this day and age when even major names are getting bad reviews, these folks provide service that is of absolutely the highest standard, as have all the other suppliers mentioned on the "Links" page of this site.

I make no apologies for what may seem like gushing good comments. These folks have earned them, just as one supplier mentioned to me that they were proud to be mentioned on the links page of this site, because 'they had earned that position'. And I must confess that I got a buzz out of that as well.

But now to the boats and suppliers. Listed in alphabetical order.

Float-a-Boat specialise in plans, scale boats and their fittings, and sailboats as well as all other forms of watercraft including electric power boats.

Some time ago now, I requested Float-a-Boat, who seem to be one of the suppliers that carry, or have access to the greatest range, to provide me with a list of boats that they could supply that would be suitable to newcomers to this sport. They supplied me with the following list. This was a hurried request and as I have time I will provide additional specifications, but in the meantime, those of you who are busting to get one of these boats can click on the above image to link to Float-a-Boat where contact details can be found. Rhonda and Adrian are both patient folks who really do support this sport and I cannot speak too highly of their standard of service.

Supplier of the DragonForce 65                         Supplier of the Aura 650

DragonForce 65 Aura 650 ETNZ Micro Magic
DragonForce 65

Meets International RG65 Class requirements.
2.4GHz 4 Channel Digital Radio Included.
Rudder & Powerful Winch Servo Included.
Plywood Display Stand Included.
Zinc alloy ballast and Aluminium Alloy Keel.
Counterweighted Jib.
Rubber Bow Bumper.
Requires: 4x AA batteries for the transmitter, 4x AA batteries for the receiver.

Type of Build: RTR
Skill Level:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Huge International following and resources. Minimum assembly required. Suitable for newbie and/or competition.

Aura 650


Length: 650mm
Beam (Width)
: 135mm
: 1025mm (from bottom of hull) / 1365mm (from ballast)
: 1.35kg
Sail Area
        Jib - 754 cm²
        Main - 1485 cm²
        Total - 2240 cm²
Hull Material
Ballast Material
: Zinc alloy




Length 39 inch / 993mm
Mast Height 51.4 inch / 1306mm
Overall Height 67 inch / 1700mm
Sail Area N/A
Beam 6.75 inch / 172mm
Weight 3.5 Kg / 7.7 lb.
Radio Not included

Apparently a flier in light weather. Looks great. Some assembly, parts and radio required.


Micro Magic

21" overall length
7" wide
38-1/2" tall
Ready to sail weight is 30 oz.
570 sq. in. sail area.

Type of Build:
Skill Level:

Huge International following and resources. Assembly, parts and radio required. Suitable for newbie and/or competition.
Sailor Victoria Century 750


Monsoon 900 II RC Sailboat


Length 900mm
Height 1800mm
Package 1000 X 500 X 450mm3
Gross Weight 5.50kgs

Net Weight 2.80kgs
Sail Area 0.38m2

It is complete with radio equipment.

Victoria MK II


Length: 779mm / 30.7"
Mass Height: 1086mm / 42.8"
Sail Area: 28.6 dm2 / 433 sq. in.
Beam: 197mm / 7.7"
Weight: 2,1 Kg / 4.6 lbs.
Radio: 2 Ch. Required

Huge following in the USA. Great general purpose boat that can really fly. Assembly, parts and radio equipment required.

The Century 750


- Length 750mm
- Width 180mm
- Height 1400mm
- Total sail area 0.25m2
- Weight 1500g


It is complete with radio equipment.

Please note: Specifications including colours and availability may be subject to change and be different to what may be represented on these pages.

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