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Radio Gear Stuff

In this section there will from time to time be info on what is happening in the world of radio control systems that are used to control the models. 

I will kick off this section with just some simple comments on what I have recently been trying.

Earlier this year I took a calculated risk and bought a couple of JR synthesised receivers to use with my Hitec Optic 6 and Hitec Eclipse 7 transmitters equipped with Spectra modules to try out and see if they really did make life at the poolside easier by eliminating channel conflicts. To date they have worked very well with no range or control issues.

I had some, probably unfounded, misgivings about having to pull the Spectra module out of the TX each time I wanted to change a frequency. I felt, that long term, the constant removal and refitting of the module in the TX's would make the connections faulty. 

Enter the Multiplex Cockpit SX fully synthesized radio system. This is an elegant radio both in operation and design. No modules to remove and refit in order to change frequency. Just press a dial and select the frequency you want. Then just tune the receiver to the selected frequency. It is also the only FM TX that I have never had to pull apart in order to remove the left sail trim stick self-centering operation. Just an adjustable screw accessible from outside the back of the case does the trick. No springs to remove using only clumsy fingers, tweezers, long nosed pliers, etc., etc. It is slimmer in design than either of the two radio's mentioned earlier, making it easier to hold. It is simply elegant. Almost a work of art one might say. I do love beautiful things.

But what I really pined for was a Spektrum 2.4Ghz system. I had stayed away from the DX3 and then the DX6 radio's because I had concerns about range. Then the Spektrum DX7 came along promising that range was to the limits of one's vision. Well, I had to try that one, didn't I, and I bought what must have been one of the first units in this country. It works a treat, and is as far as I can tell equal in range to all the 36Mhz FM radio sets I have used. And with the knowledge that I don't even need to select a free frequency, no matter how easily I can now do that, there is a lot going for the DX7. It is also equivalent to a fully synthesised system although it works differently to the 36Mhz stuff.

There is a difference though between synthesised 36Mhz radio's and the Spectrum system. Something that FM still has going for it despite what Spektrum has to offer. Both systems have their strong points and their weaknesses when compared to each other.

Stay tuned for further comments/thoughts soon. On second thoughts, please just visit the Forum where further experiences/comments/thoughts will be discussed.

I have recently received this email newsletter from Spektrum. It has some damn good stuff in it. I must state that there is no pecuniary interest whatsoever in my promotion of the Spektrum System(s). I have personally bought and paid for a number of DX7 systems from different suppliers. The publication of this newsletter on this website, is made because I believe with these latest developments from these people, radio yachting stands to benefit.

October 19, 2007

DX6i 6-Channel Full Range Radio Without Servos MD2

DX6i 6-Channel Full Range Radio Without Servos MD2

The 6-channel DX6i uses the same full-range DSM2 technology found in the Spektrum DX7 and includes an impressive list of programming features for both airplanes and helicopters that are simple to access and use. It comes with the new AR6200 DSM2 6-channel receiver that is robust enough to use in large models yet compact enough to fit in many parkflyers. The DX6i is also compatible with all existing Spektrum aircraft receivers. Whatever kind of flying you do, the DX6i can be adapted to most any model in your existing collection that requires 6-channels or less.

Learn more about the DX6i 6-Channel Full Range Radio.

Digital Servo Programmer

DSM2 9-Channel Power Safe Receiver

The AR9100 is designed for models using multiple servos that draw excess current or multiple high-torque servos, such as giant-scale airplanes and jet models. It features a robust power bus designed to manage high-current loads, as well as dual 16AWG battery input leads with EC3 connectors for use with larger battery packs. This makes it possible to support high-current systems straight through the AR9100 without the need for a separate power system. As an added measure of safety, Spektrum designed the AR9100 with a soft switch. Servo current is routed around the switch so, should it fail for any reason, power to the system will not be interrupted.

Learn more about the DSM2 9-Channel Power Safe Receiver.

Digital Servo Programmer

Digital Servo Programmer

Spektrum’s Digital Servo Programmer offers the ultimate combination of precision and customization for digital micro servo users. Features like 3-point programming, high-speed input and three servo modes make the Digital Servo Programmer perfect for parkflyers, micro heli pilots and indoor foamie pilots. The DSP allows users to program their servos for optimum operation in whatever function they need, and the customization potential offered by the Digital Servo Programmer lets micro servo users experience the precision and smooth response offered by larger servos and aircraft without sacrificing performance.

Learn more about the Digital Servo Programmer.

6.0 Gram Super Sub-Micro Digital Programmable Servo

6.0-Gram Super Sub-Micro
Digital Programmable Servo

The DSP60 offers superior speed, torque and precision for this class, and includes complete mounting hardware and an assortment of servo arms. You can optimize its performance for specific applications like airplanes, helicopters and tail rotors, by adjusting the end points, gain and even direction using the Digital Servo Programmer (SPMDSP–sold separately). The DSP60 is ideal for smaller electric models like 3D profile foamies and micro-helis.

Learn more about the 6.0-Gram Super Sub-Micro Digital Programmable Servo.

7.5 Gram Super Sub-Micro Digital Programmable Servo

7.5-Gram Super Sub-Micro
Digital Programmable Servo

The DSP75 offers superior speed, torque and precision for its class, and includes complete mounting hardware and an assortment of servo arms. You can optimize its performance for specific applications like airplanes, helicopters and tail rotors by adjusting the end points, gain and even direction using the Digital Servo Programmer (SPMDSP–sold separately). The DSP75 is a great choice for parkflyers as well as mini- and micro-helis.

Learn more about the 7.5-Gram Super Sub-Micro Digital Programmable Servo.

Dual Voltage Regulator

Dual Voltage Regulator

The VR5203 provides regulated voltage protection for up to two servo functions with two input ports and two output ports. This unique component eliminates the danger of higher voltage power systems to standard voltage servos by being placed in between the receiver and the servo needing regulation. This allows the rest of the system to work at a desired voltage.

Learn more about the Dual Voltage Regulator.

6.0V Ni-MH Receiver Packs

6.0V Ni-MH Receiver Packs

Designed to be the ideal battery pack for use with Spektrum’s AR9100 receiver, and built to fit easily into nearly any fuselage, the 6.0V, 5-cell receiver packs from Spektrum offer high capacity Sanyo cells, an installed EC3 lead for quick and easy usage, and a 6” JR charge lead for added convenience.

Receiver Packs in the line include:
1650mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack
2150mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack
2700mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack
4500mAh 6.0V NiMH Receiver Pack

Learn more about the 6.0V Ni-MH Receiver Packs.

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