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 The RG65 Class


The beginnings of the RG65 can be traced back to the austerity of post war Argentina. In the early 1950’s Don Juan Gherzi created the G65class which was 65cm in length, bread and butter hull construction and a free sailing rudder. This class became very popular in Buenos Aires at the Plaza Uruiza due to the ease with which they could be transported across the city by bus, tram or train.

In 1978 a group of enthusiasts lead by Raul Lando fitted radio equipment and the RG65 was born. In 1999 the present rules were written which offered a greater liberty by way of rig design, the maximum sail area increased to 2250cm2 and the maximum mast height to 110cm. In the same year the class was adopted by the South American Sailing Authority and the popularity of the class spread into Brazil and Chile.

From South America the class has now spread into Europe (Especially France, Germany and Holland), United Kingdom and is now developing in North America and is rapidly becoming popular in Australia. 


The RG65 is a development class for 65 cm long radio controlled yachts which means that anything not mentioned in the rules is allowed.  The simple rules are designed to encourage people to try new ideas at a modest cost.

Plus points for the class are:


Light weight around 1kg.


Compact enough to fit in a small car fully rigged.


No need for special heavy duty sail servos.


Hulls built in balsa wood are little heavier than expensive carbon fibre moldings.

RG65 Class Measurement Rules 2014 

RG65 UK Class Association

Another entry from a comparatively new World Class boat is the DragonForce 65, that can be sailed within its own very strict class rules or, in the wider world recognised RG65 Class.  This boat has become incredibly popular in a very short time and no wonder as the purchase price is very reasonable especially given the quality of the boat. It is distributed in Australia by "Hobby Warehouse" who have provided very prompt service each time I have dealt with them.
Details of the DragonForce 65 from the Hobby Warehouse website as at 9 January 2016; 

READY-TO-RUN (RTR) Version V4  ($205.00 + $9.95 delivery) (As at January 9, 2016)

The RTR model INCLUDES the transmitter and receiver
. This version of the Dragon Force is the 4th revision and includes a small alteration to the colour scheme along with other changes in the internal design which include a plastic radio tray, relocated on/off switch, plastic stand and other rigging upgrades over the previous models.

A collaboration between Joysway and 3 top performance yacht designers (Mike Weston, Mark Dicks and John Tushingham) has resulted in Dragon Force 65, an affordable competition RC yacht. Sleek lines and competition developed sails make the Dragon Force race, perform and compete against even those yachts that would be 10 times the price!

The boat is based on the ICE design with an ABS hull, profiled aluminium fin and moulded plastic rudder. The rig is a full sized, low aspect RG65 rig with carbon spars and a ball raced gooseneck. The intention is to develop a set of rules to allow the Dragon Force 65 to sail as a restricted class within the RG65 class rules.

The Dragon Force features pre-installed radio and can be on the water and ready to sail within 30 minutes of purchasing.

The Aura 650 - Specifications

Length: 650mm
Beam (Width): 135mm
Height: 1025mm (from bottom of hull) / 1365mm (from ballast)
Weight: 1.35kg
Sail Area:
        Jib - 754 cm²
        Main - 1485 cm²
        Total - 2240
Hull Material: ABS
Ballast Material: Zinc alloy




 Available from: FLOAT a BOAT
48c Wantirna Road Ringwood Vic 3134 Australia Ph: (61 3) 9879 2227 Fax: (61 3) 98793647 


Link to the Helion Website, makers of the Aura 650

Another interesting boat, now available in Australia from Modelflight.
Read the review in Marine Modelling International, January 2008 Edition

Thunder Tiger have just released a new boat. They are the makers of the universally popular Victoria and the Voyager and Odyssey boats as well. They do make a quality product. It is the precursor to NZL 92 that was sailed in the finals of the 2007 America's Cup Match.

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