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I hope to include eventually references to many different boats that are related, even if only remotely, to the 12 Metre boats that challenged for the America's Cup. That includes boats of the actual International America's Cup Class (IACC) that replaced the 12-Metre rule after the 1987 races.

The America's Cup type or style of boats currently sailing in my area are the Victoria's, an EC12, a Victor Model Products Australia II, which also happens to be the boat that started my passion for the 12's, an Anderson 1-metre, a couple of Nautic12's and as from the date of her initial launch on the 18th August 2007, now also an A2 Class Australia II.. 

There is also a Victor Products "Stars & Stripes" 12-Metre yacht that is still waiting to be built.  As at the end of August 2007, this will be sooner than later. I have just extracted it from its secure spot in the garage where it has been residing for the last four years and I most definitely will put up on this site progressive building photo's.

Currently my favoured  boat for the newbie as well as the competitive sailor. Excellent value for money from Hobby Warehouse.
However I have just become aware of another boat suited to the RG65 Class requirements, the Aura 650 and this will also be a model to watch.

Another entry from a comparatively new World Class boat is the DragonForce 65, that can be sailed within its own very strict class rules or, in the wider world recognised RG65 Class.  This boat has become incredibly popular in a very short time and no wonder as the purchase price is very reasonable especially given the quality of the boat. It is distributed in Australia by "Hobby Warehouse" who have provided very prompt service each time I have dealt with them.

Details of the DragonForce 65 from the Hobby Warehouse website as at 9 January 2016;

  ($205.00 + $9.95 delivery) (As at January 9, 2016)

The RTR model INCLUDES the transmitter and receiver
. This version of the Dragon Force is the 4th revision and includes a small alteration to the colour scheme along with other changes in the internal design which include a plastic radio tray, relocated on/off switch, plastic stand and other rigging upgrades over the previous models. 

A collaboration between Joysway and 3 top performance yacht designers (Mike Weston, Mark Dicks and John Tushingham) has resulted in Dragon Force 65, an affordable competition RC yacht. Sleek lines and competition developed sails make the Dragon Force race, perform and compete against even those yachts that would be 10 times the price! 

The boat is based on the ICE design with an ABS hull, profiled aluminium fin and moulded plastic rudder. The rig is a full sized, low aspect RG65 rig with carbon spars and a ball raced gooseneck. The intention is to develop a set of rules to allow the Dragon Force 65 to sail as a restricted class within the RG65 class rules.

The Dragon Force features pre-installed radio and can be on the water and ready to sail within 30 minutes of purchasing.

Please note we only have the latest "Version 4" Dragon Force in stock. 
Version 4 Upgrades

  • The bow screw has been removed, so that the bow section of the hull can be better reinforced during the blow molding process.
  • Adjusted the molds and increased plastic thickness on the keel fin box section of hull to reinforce this area during blow molding.
  • Increase the main sheet metal ring diameter in order to make it more round thereby reducing rope friction.
  • The plastic fitting on main boom for the compression strut is now manufactured to be stronger and longer slightly improve reinforcement.
  • Hatch covers have changed in material from PVC to cloth which provides a more flexible and watertight seal to the hull.
  • Sail reinforcement patch, material has changed from PVC to cloth.
  • Deck eye number 4 for attaching the jib to the hull has now been replaced with a half open deck eye, this makes it easier for end user to change the jib rigging. 


  • 2.4GHz 4 Channel Digital Radio Included.
  • Rudder & Powerful Winch Servo Included.
  • Plywood Display Stand Included.
  • Zinc alloy ballast and Aluminium Alloy Keel.
  • Counterweighted Jib.
  • Rubber Bow Bumper.
  • Requires: 4x AA batteries for the transmitter, 4x AA batteries for the receiver.

  • The Aura 650 - Specifications

    Length: 650mm
    Beam (Width)
    : 135mm
    : 1025mm (from bottom of hull) / 1365mm (from ballast)
    : 1.35kg
    Sail Area
            Jib - 754 cm²
            Main - 1485 cm²
            Total - 2240 cm²
    Hull Material
    : ABS
    Ballast Material
    : Zinc alloy

    Available from: FLOAT a BOAT
    48c Wantirna Road Ringwood Vic 3134 Australia Ph: (61 3) 9879 2227 Fax: (61 3) 98793647


    Link to the Helion Website, makers of the Aura 650

    Another interesting boat below, now available in Australia from Modelflight.
    Read the review in Marine Modelling International, January 2008 Edition

    Thunder Tiger have just released a new boat. They are the makers of the universally popular Victoria and the Voyager and Odyssey boats as well. They do make a quality product. It is the precursor to NZL 92 that was sailed in the finals of the 2007 America's Cup Match.

    Article and picture courtesy of "model Boats" magazine, July 2007 issue.

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