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Breaking News - well almost!

The NEWEST Kid on the Block!!

"While the Micro Magic was absent from shops another small class of model started to become popular. This is the RG 65 Class which produces a small yacht of very flexible design which can give quite good perfor­mance. Along with the many designs available for home building, several manufacturers are producing boats of this size which can easily be made to fit the class."

The DragonForce 65 from Hobby Warehouse was as far as I am aware, the first mass produced RG65 Class model sold in this country and has very quickly established itself as a very popular presence on the Radio yachting scene.

And in December 2015 I became aware of another mass produced model, the Aura 650 from Float a Boat and the paragraphs in quotes in this section describing the boat have been lifted straight from Float a Boat's December 2015 newsletter.

"One such model is the Aura 650 which we now have in stock and we are most impressed with it’s presentation and quality of both boat and fittings. The boat comes complete with a 2.4 GHz radio fitted and there is very little to do to get it on the water. Even the batteries are included! Time will tell how it performs against other boats in the class but by all accounts it will produce excellent sailing for those wanting a small class of boat.

The almost ready to run boat is sold complete for $210.00"

Also from Float a Boat in the same newsletter.


The “Micro Magic” mini yacht from Graupner is back on the world market after being sidelined for about two years due to the sale of the Company. This news has been welcomed enthusiastically by yachties all over the world as this has become possibly the largest selling small R/C yacht ever.

We have had a long list of customers eagerly waiting for it’s return and we are now able to ship out all our back-orders as good stocks are now available again.

Along with the kit we also have the fittings and spare parts available for the boat, as well as a fine selection of replacement racing sails for the serious sailor. These are available in top suit, second and third and are fully panelled in racing Mylar. The improvement in performance using these sails is very dramatic when compared to the sails provided in the box.

The price of the kit has not changed for about 5 years now and remains at $329.00.

This includes everything except the electronics."

Aura 650 and Micro Magic available from: FLOAT a BOAT
48c Wantirna Road Ringwood Vic 3134 Australia Ph: (61 3) 9879 2227 Fax: (61 3) 98793647

Editorial Comment

19 December 2009

Isn't it good how sometimes serendipitous events occur. Okay, okay, sometimes I go overboard, but it is only because of my passion for the things I believe in. I am not easily impressed, but when I am, I give that impression my favour.

And recently, that impression has been caused by serendipitous events, ... by way of enquiries from persons totally new to the sport making enquiries about various aspects of this hobby/sport, be it an interest in plans, or kits, or new classes, causing a rekindling a desire, or an interest in this beautiful hobby/sport.

I have been so rapt by these new enquiries. The serendipitous effect comes in here by totally unexpected enquiries from new persons.

But it has not all been good.

One enthusiast had been so fired up with a passion for his new found hobby, it reminded me of my own interest, my passion, of many years ago. A passion that led to me create my website(s) that I hoped would benefit all. And whilst the passion was there, the reality proved to be something that ultimately, despite many approaches to many folks, cruelled my passion somewhat. The reality that cruelled my passion was that most of the clubs that were affiliated with the ARYA were clubs whose member's were competition orientated. And that was bad, as I know from personal experience that most member's were not tolerant of people who did not know the rules of sailing, etc. And perhaps that was OK for competitive sailors that knew the rules.

But it was most definitely NOT ok for the new guys to sail with these experienced sailors, as there was at minimum, a definite possibility of the newbie damaging expensive boats, some of which approached the AUD $10,000 mark.

Now, tell me, what is the incentive for a rookie sailor to sail with these types of club members? The answer is, that the rookie never comes back. And herein lay the problem with getting new blood into this sport.

But one of the new enthusiast's to this sport made a suggestion in an email to me on how this situation could be rectified. And the suggestion rocked me. I have made quite a few suggestions in my time, but never one with the profound potential of the one made in an email to me by Mark Rogers.

I have not asked Mark if I can quote him, but if I know him now, I'm sure he will not mind me quoting him.

The suggestion?  ... I quote Mark directly, below:

"All clubs should be made to adopt a handicap race day/old boat day or a bring anything day once a month. This will encourage new members & make the experienced ones think outside the square."

This is a new approach with the greatest potential that I have come across in many years, and I would query any club that professes to encourage newcomers to the sport, why they would not adopt this approach.

I thank everyone who has written to me recently with positive comments. Perhaps I may have been a little premature in predicting the death of radio yachting in this country, if indeed I had made that comment. And had I made that comment. I am so rapt to be shown I was wrong!

The Editor

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Happy Sailing!
Don Leitis - Editor

Editorial comment for periods prior to the above month can be found at the Editorial Comment Archive page.

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General News - Major Web Changes, Regatta's, Championships, Club News, all welcome.

17 December 2009:

A Blog has been created that is intended to complement both this website and its associated forums'. Why a blog, you ask rolling your eyes?

I believe a blog is more suited to general comments that may not be suited for inclusion in the website as an individual entry, or even in the forums', for the same reason, but which I feel is still important enough to be made public. This is for a trial period, and its continuation will be dependent on how useful it is really found to be.

At this stage, only I will be able to create new entries, but anybody may make comments. The latter will depend entirely on the quality of comments made, and/or, the level of spam that the blog may attract.

Below is a snapshot of the of the blog home page.

Interested persons may find it located at:

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Lake Tabourie news - 10 October 2009

We did the South Coast Lake Tabourie Regatta.  (Or what a country club can do).

G’day Don, we did the regatta down south from Sydney on the 10th October weekend and what a time we had. Just shows you what a little club in a country area can do if they set their mind on it. Of course it went good because all the participants in the club work for the common good of the club. They all sail a Victor’s Soling OM and this is the only class they sail.

This little seafront town Lake Tabourie, just south Ulladulla and about 4 hours from Sydney, if you take your time. I hadn’t been there since 1949. The Last time I was there I stayed at the Camping Ground with my Parents. I remember a 1948 new Studibaker car turning up one day back then and the back of the car almost looked like the front of the car.

The Soling OM class has done really well in this country town situation, for the water they sail in, really suits this boat. This boat is very suitable for novices. They say that it wasn’t too far back when the club started (about 2 1/2 years). That the boat being a one design is pretty basic, which suits them right down to the ground/water, for the club is made up of mostly Non- sailing retired folk and this boat come on the lower end of the Model Yacht cost market. And being a club boat, people can help you with building, tuning and all that stuff, when you get it into the water for the first time or good for the novice sailor. It is recommended you build this boat in a jig.

The “local watering hole” is also the Clubhouse. With the club’s trophies sitting around the walls and these become a talking point for all the traveller's that drink there.

We spent 3 ˝ days there. Our room, if you could call it that, for it was almost a suite and I thought it was the best room in the house till I found out there were more of them. They had Sauna and Spa there and a heated swimming pool if needed.

This little boat is well received in this town for the entire club sails this class. It has what I call a flipper keel or a keel that looks something like a flipper on a dolphin. The boat is pretty basic, very easy to sail and a treat for a novice to learn on, as many do. What I liked about the boat is that the better skippers can get extra out of the boat too because it can be souped- up as you get more experienced with it. Some of these retired folk have become expert after sailing them for 2 1/2 years.

While the boat is one design in all its sailing features, many skippers “tease them up” with beaut paint work, stick –on tapes and other things to make them look different in the fleet situation. The boat takes the minimum radio installations, like, Hitech winch and rudder servo. Most skippers have basic radio gear as well and the performance is wonderful. This boat with the flipper keel readily planes down wind, is easy to handle in most situations whether windy or in the light. Although some skill is needed as the wind gets really going. If you sail in either Pond or Open water, this is the boat for you. The boat come in a kit form and it does need some experience to do a really good job on it to finish it properly. It is recommended that a jig be used to build it. So the novice is advised to hook up to a club who sails these boats to perhaps give you a hand the first time around?

 Might I venture further Don in discussing something that I have been observing of late. The weather!!

We all know in some degrees is that the weather is changing, or should I say the weather appears to be changing! Have you noticed that we are getting more windy days and we are getting more, no wind days? More than usual. This in little ways effects our Model Yachting. The “normal” yacht these days has a bulb keel attached to the hull and this helps the boat to stabilize in  “middle of the road” weather. The Weather is changing to the other ends of more windy and more light winds and bulb keels don’t go to their optimum in these two conditions. In the very light wind a bulb keel boat will actually stop and start turning in a circle on its axis. On the other-hand the bulb keeler in a really big blow will tip over till the lead bulb actually surfaces. And again both these situations are not good, for it shows the weakness of the bulb keel. I‘m not saying that you rush out and buy something else here.  I’m saying to you to be aware of what’s happening in our weather, at this stage and plan for the eventuality of weather change.

 These little Soling OMs have it built in already, with a flipper keel.

This club has a meeting place at the Motel. Any club that has a central spot to gather, is a good thing for the club in general. It is high on the hill overlooking the beach and the lake, which are in the foreground between the ocean and the Highway. They seemed to have made it with the local newspaper for I noticed their regatta reports go in there as well. The club members are mixed from farmers to retirees in the town itself to the local Motel owners. I found it a bit hard working out how this club ran with its officials, for I saw everyone helping out. If there was something to be done then there were too many volunteers, always a good sign that the club is working well. All the boats were weighed before the regatta, both visitors and club boats, to see that they weighed over the minimum limit. We all had a beaut time there. There was only one protest and it was against me. I thought it was a bit rude but I did the penalties. On the Sunday of the regatta we had Handicap racing on a different part of the lake near the entrance where it can go into the sea but it has been blocked with sand for awhile. The handicap racing was interesting but like the rest of the one-design racing, fast and furious. The day ended about 1.00pm for BBQ at the motel. I gave a book for the “concourse de elegance” or the best looking boat. There were some really nice boats there but most of them had not been finished off. Till I found one that had everything finished on it and it was great and he got the prize.

Good week- end, we went home Monday morning buggered, after a great week end. Recommend it.


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20 October 2009:

Further problems with Spektrum DX6i Transmitters - Do not ingnore!!!

October 20, 2009

If you own a DX6i transmitter that has Product Identification Codes (PIDs) HA906X and HA907X, then please read the following advisory.

Product Identification (PID) code may be found on the inside of the battery compartment of the DX6i transmitter.


Our service centers in the US, UK, and Germany have received several reports of short circuits occurring in the DX6i, melting some interior components. The cause for this issue is an incorrect trainer jack used in the assembly. Use of these incorrect trainer jacks by either a buddy cable or a flight simulator cable can create a short circuit, causing energy from batteries to be released in the form of heat inside the transmitter, melting interior components and generating smoke. Our investigation shows that only a small percentage of the transmitters are affected, and the situation has now been corrected at the factory, but all transmitters with these two PIDs should be returned to Horizon for inspection and, if needed, repair. Even if you do not currently use or plan to use your trainer jack, please return the transmitter for inspection.

Please complete the on-line request form here. For US and Canadian consumers, Horizon will pay for all ground shipping charges to and from our US service center. Customers outside the US and Canada should contact their retailer or local Spektrum distributor. Within Europe, please follow these links to our service centers in England or Germany. Australian consumers can follow this link. Any transmitters with PID other than HA906X or HA907X are not affected by this bulletin and do not need their trainer jacks inspected.

If you have any questions, please call our Product Support group at 1-877-504-0233.

We apologize for this inconvenience. While there is no evidence of any fire hazard associated with the melting, Horizon assumes no risk for any consumer failing to act upon this service advisory.


Copyright © 2009 Horizon Hobby. All rights reserved.
If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, you may unsubscribe
Please send any questions, comments, or concerns to
Mailing Address: Horizon Hobby, Inc., 4105 Fieldstone Rd., Champaign, IL 61822
Spektrum is used with permission from Bachmann Industries, Inc.

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03 November 2008:

 EC12 Important Notification

The following notice comes by way of the ARYA website, and has been recreated here, in case affected persons are not aware of the existence of official radio yachting body avenues of communication. As stated in the body of the following notice, if anybody has any information regarding the whereabouts of any EC12's, please get in touch with the contact below via the email or phone.

This is an extremely positive move by the ARYA and they are to be commended for taking this step.

Notice to all EC12 owners


Notice to all EC12 owners


In the process of strengthening and bolstering our class by interested parties, it has been revealed that the record of details of all EC12 boats and owners, held by the AYRA is hopelessly inadequate and not up to par in comparison to all other class’s  records held by that body.


There is a push on at the moment in NSW and QLD to increase competition and activity in our class and revamp the flagging interest in this beautiful design.


To that end it is hoped that all current owners of boats will respond to the below mentioned contact with their complete contact and boat registration details ,irrespective of their understanding of current adequacy of their boat’s registration details.


Attached is the current list that the ARYA has on file that is supposed to be the definitive record of all the boats in Australia. We understand that this list contains names of numerous deceased people and frankly is not a happy state of affairs for the class to be in.


So could all owners please respond to Peter Morris at either email address or by phone on 0428 832 888 to supply the relevant information. Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated and will do wonders in helping to revive the class.


Additionally even if you know of someone who owns a boat or is the spouse or partner of someone who owned a boat and you consider they would likely not see this notice or be unlikely to respond to this plea, please forward that info as well so that we can chase them up for the record and any future correspondence.


Again we stress how important this information is to the future success of this class

I'm not sure what information is required, but as far as I know, all EC12 hulls came with a manufacturer's label including serial number attached to the interior of the hull.   e.g. An EC12 I acquired had the following information on its label.

EC  12

I would imagine that information similar to the above, along with the
boat owner's name, address and and as many contact details as possible, would be what would be required.

Please pass this message on to everybody you know. It really is a one-off opportunity to get these beautiful boats out of the closet. And one never knows, there might be a couple of dollars to be made by non-sailing owners passing on their boats to other EC12 enthusiasts.

  New Zealand 2009 National Championships - Results




Above links Courtesy of NZEC12OA


  2009 WORLD's REGATTA - USA  - In Historic Charlestown, South Carolina 


Another update:

The dates have been moved again and are now FIRM - event will start Wednesday 7 October and conclude Saturday 10 October 2009.

Info and website for the event is via

Kapiti Coast, NZL
EC12's NZL1, 110, 128

Latest Update from the US

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The international gathering in Charleston South Caroline USA is being rescheduled September 30 through October 3, 2009.

We regret the need for this change but scheduling in the US required this change from November. All other aspects that have been present remain the same.

Please distribute this information you sailors in your country.


Rick West,
EC12 Class Secretary

The NOR and Entry form are out at

-----Original Message-----
From: Rick West []
Sent: Friday, 21 March 2008 7:22 AM
Subject: 2009 Worlds Regatta

 Gents, please forward to your association and class. Thanks, Rick

March 20, 2008


International Invitation to the 2009 Worlds Regatta


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is my pleasure to present this invitation on behalf of the US East Coast 12 Meter Class to host the second Worlds Regatta event in the United States. The event is scheduled for the first week of November 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina. This invitation by email is being sent individually to each of these countries: Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Please present this information to your members and groups.


The Notice of Race and other information is posted on the US EC12 Class website in the Regatta menu. The NOR is presented now with consideration for individual planning needed for international travel that would surely include more than toy boat racing. Details of the event will follow in time.


As the head of the Class, I will be your host and available to whatever assistance you need. I look forward to the event and visiting with all of you.


Kind Regards,

Rick West

Class Secretary US EC12 Class
139 Dardanelle Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044 USA

19 September 2008:  - Friendly competition vs Non-friendly competition.

Things appear to have been comparatively quiet of late. And I suppose that's not surprising seeing that in the southern climes of this great land of ours, we have been experiencing a rather cold winter. A rather harsh winter. But this is only my excuse for sailors on the mainland.

This cold weather has apparently not affected a group of dedicated and intrepid sailors on the Apple Isle. And that place is even further south! And even colder than the mainland!! The next land mass south of this place is Antarctica!!!

This band of hardy souls sail in a canal somewhere near Lauderdale, Tasmania. This group of sailors comprises guys who are not part of a club formally affiliated with the ARYA. They are just a group of guys who get together, very, very, regularly, from the information I have received, to sail a variety of yachts, in a spirit of friendly competition. And from all the comments I have heard, these guys enjoy their sailing. They enjoy having a few laughs with their sailing companions, just as they enjoy ribbing each other in the friendliest of manners, with the end result, that at the end of the day, despite the innate sense of competition we are all born with, these guys go home after a day's sailing on a high. Irrespective of where they finished in the races they participated in.

In my years in this sport, this is only the fourth group I have ever come across, that enjoy sailing in friendly competition, and welcome all comers, irrespective of what they want to sail.

And in my opinion, it is these groups that will keep this hobby/sport alive in such a way that the general community can and will be happy to be a part of it. If more promotion is not given to groups like these, this sport will die out, despite what the entrenched old-fashioned thinkers that hold committee positions in the ARYA might think.

How can I make a comment like this?

Because I have knowledge of, both from personal experience, and from comments made by others, many others, about what they have experienced, when they have believed the guff about newcomers being made welcome into this club or that one, only to find that one is instantly made a pariah, an outcast, simply because, being a beginner, one didn't know the rules of racing to the nth degree, and as a result collided with another boat that had right of way. In most cases, this sailor does not return to that club again, and not only that, more often than not, gives radio yachting away completely, simply because of the intimidation by the competitive sailors. And we lose another potential member.

But do not get me wrong!

There is absolutely and definitely, not only room and space for the competitive clubs, and I consider them to be a necessity, for if they did not exist, then there would be no avenue for the seriously competitive sailor to get his/her challenge met from this sport. And where would the likes of Craig Smith get his experience?

So, where do we go from here?

How do we promote the Non-competitive clubs? Often not affiliated with the ARYA, but in my opinion, the basic building blocks of this hobby/sport, for they offer competitive, but fun sailing, as well as generating interest for those who may be extremely competitive.

If this hobby/sport is to succeed, both groups need to be catered for. But they both need to be promoted to the public at large, not only to those already in the know.

Comments appreciated to me directly, at or respond to the appropriate forum on the d'12-metre forums'. Do not be put off by the title. It may say 12-metre, and that is most definitely the base, but the bigger objective is to get people into, and hooked onto, the sport of radio yachting in general, irrespective of which type or class of boat, they eventually decide to sail, and the forums' are there for that purpose.

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21 December 2007:  Correction to posting on 6 November 2007. The Nautic12 Association championships to be held on 26th January 2008 are a National Championships, not a NSW State Championships as previously reported.

12 December 2007: Just in - Australian 2008 EC12 National Championships Confirmed.

EC12 Skippers,

The 2008 EC12 National Championship will be held at Lake Eden, NORTH LAKES QLD on 17th and 18th May.

On the EC12 page of this site is attached is an invitation to compete, together with supporting accommodation options and things to do activities while in SE Queensland.

The formal NoR and online entry will be available shortly

May is a super time for a short break away which can be combined with an enjoyable sailing weekend.

6 November
 The Nautic12 Association are holding the NSW State Championships on 26th January 2008.

And according to the Radio Waves newsletter, the EC12 National Class Championships are scheduled for 17th - 18th May 2008, although I understand this date still needs to be confirmed by the ARYA.

26 October 2007:  The NSW EC12 Championship results are up on the ARYA website. Have been for a few days now. Sounds like it was a good regatta with a very healthy turnout.

14 October 2007:  The NSW EC12 Championships are coming up this weekend, (20 & 21 October 2007). My best wishes to all the competitors and their supporters, for a most successful and enjoyable regatta.

09 October 2007:  Results, pictures and comments of last weekend's Central Queensland EC12 Championships are now available on the ARYA website. Congratulations Malcolm!

07 September 2007:  The EC12'ers are at it again! More Championships coming up! The ARYA have just posted "Notice of Race" notices for two more State/Region EC12 Championships. Visit the ARYA site for details.

QLD - Central Queensland EC12 Championships
Central Queensland E.C.12  Championship
Bundaberg 6th - 7th Oct 2007
at the Botanical Gardens  Bundaberg on the North Side of the River


NSW EC12 Championships

Blakehurst 20th - 21st October 2007 at the Kogarah Bay Sailing Club. Dover Park (East), Princes Highway, Blakehurst.

29 August 2007:  I am most appreciative of Graeme Turk for making the following comments available after only just returning home to Queensland from sailing in the National EC12 Championships in Canberra this last weekend. My congratulations to Malcolm Kampe, Graeme Turk and Gary Declauzel for their top three placings in the championship.

To see full final results listing and to read Graeme's comments click here.

Again, my very special thanks to Graeme for his comments.

19 August 2007: You know, it's just dawned on me. There are more competitor's registered for these Australian National EC12 Championships than there have been in recent times, for any other Australian registered class except for the IOM's. I stand to be corrected in case I have missed any relevant statistics, but this has got to mean something doesn't it? There has been one dropout from the original 19, but the official entry list is still 18 competitors.

18 August 2007:
Better late than never, and referring to, and supporting the report on the ARYA site, regarding the QLD EC12'ers Championship I quote the following results and comments made available by Graeme Turk.

Well we have just completed the Qld EC12 Championship. Another great weekend sailed in light conditions.

Placings were:
Tom Butler QLD sailing Ian Gilmour’s Sorensen 1st,
Malcolm Kampe QLD Sorenson 2nd
Yeoman Sands QLD Sorenson 3rd
GT QLD sailing a Kiwi boat owned by Yeoman Sands from the International mould 4th
Garry Declauzel NSW Mini Mariner 5th
Andrew Sands NSW Delisser 6th

There was very little between the top six boats with Garry suffering some battery problems which dropped him from a possible third place but he was never a threat to the first two who sailed a very good regatta.”

Thank you Graeme for providing the results. I will try to get them up a bit sooner next time, if you would care to make the effort again. I must admit that I am feeling some pangs of disappointment that I can't be there with you guys this coming weekend. Not to compete, but just to have a sail with a group of folks, that seem to me, to be Gentlemen. I really look forward to hearing/reading/seeing news of this coming regatta.

16 August 2007: Well, the Queenslanders should be in fine form coming up to National Championships on 25th & 26th August. They have this weekend just gone, 11 & 12 August, just finished the QLD EC12 Championships with Tom Butler taking the trophy against some formidable opponents. Congratulations to Tom. The National Championships look like they are certainly going to provide some close competition for the record numbers of skippers attending.

08 August 2007: I have been advised that the Australian national EC12 Championship entries as at today's date is 19 confirmed entries, with rumours that there may even be more on the way.

So far the list is four Queenslanders, eleven New South Welshmen, and four Territorian's (the ACT kind).

This is an absolutely amazing turnout and as I have stated before, having in fact to eat some of my words, indicates this Class is certainly alive and well. I can only hope it continues.

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Miscellaneous Stuff

11 November 2009: The website structure is being changed slightly with the intention of being of more support to the novice's, the people getting started, or who want to get into this sport but have no idea of how to go about it. This is an evolving site.

13 March 2008: Release of revised version of EC12 rules previously issued 19 April 2007. Click on this link to read.

17 November 2007: As a result of my exposure to the Micro Magic folks, I have changed the way the image galleries have been presented on this site. Previously, the images were held on a directory on this site. However, as previously stated, because of my interest in the Micro Magic site, I was impressed by the photo's shown of the recent World Championships. And more than that, the photo's were shown in a very nice format. In Web Albums hosted by Picasa, now a Google company.

In the past I have I have had a reluctance to go with any Google add-on programs due to their hidden information gathering capabilities. However, their Web Albums' site is simply too good to ignore, so I have relented, and will now make use of this particular service at least, until further notice.

If you go to the Galleries page of this site, and click on any of the links, they will take you to the Picasa site where you will have a number of options on how you wish to view the photo's.

29 September 2007: New Categories added to d'12metre forums'. Include provision for adding boats similar to, but not quite fitting the 12 Metre/IACC class boats. For Sale/Wanted category also added.

23 September 2007: A Web Links page link has been added to the Links page of this website. At this stage it is a trial only and will depend on how spammer proof it is whether it continues. I do not have the time or the inclination to waste time by deleting spammer registrations or posts. If it becomes an issue, this link will be deleted.

However, if is proves OK, then it is most certainly another service offered by this website. It is an opportunity for individuals to publicly acknowledge the web sites of persons/organisations they have dealt with for the benefit of all. It is NOT a place to air gripes or bad experiences. The forum might be the best place to do that, if indeed that needs to be done. Or letters to the editor might be another avenue.

11 September 2007: It is my intention to stay with the current forum setup (Activeboard). As I was restoring the other forum a week or two back, it was already getting spam posts even before I made it publicly available again. I do not want to get to a situation like some of the other phpBB boards, where they are showing hundreds and hundreds of members, but they are mostly all spammers. This current forum has to date not been afflicted by these problems, (touch wood), since its trial launch, and that saves the administrator lots and lots of time, especially if one does not have the time to remove the jerk members on a daily basis. So folks, like it or lump it, unless something serious happens, the forum as it stands now will be it. And I have the postings from the previous forum setup and they will be added to this forum as I get the time to do that.

I have a pretty high degree of confidence in Activeboard, who are hosting the forum. They have been around for many years, and indications are that that will not change.

Final thing. As previously stated, you will need to register again to get posting access. My apologies for that.

07 September 2007: I have set up a new Forum, having gone to a remotely hosted one for the time being, as I have had some difficulty restoring the previous one to the point where I am in full control of it again in the time-frame originally advised. I do believe a website needs a forum to support it. People need the opportunity to have a say, so I have dived in once again. I hope to put up a new forum topic soon which will contain postings from the previous forum. Whether this new one keeps going will depend on how much work I need to do to keep hackers out, but at any rate, any posts anyone cares to make will not be lost. One problem, everyone will need to register again. Sorry about that. Click on the following link to try out the new forum d'12metre radio yacht forums

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18 August 2007: Looks like the link to is once again working as it should. Have no idea of what happened here.

17 August 2007: Hmmmm, not sure what has happened. Whereas I could previously get to this site simply by typing into the address bar, now I need to type in Not sure at this stage if only my machine affected or whether it is something more general. Coincidentally, this and other problems started not long after my Vista system was automatically Microsoft updated. Nahhh, couldn't be, could it?

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25 July 2007: The Forum pages have been temporarily taken off line due to their having been compromised. They will be restored once again as soon as I get some time to do that. My apologies for the inconvenience but I thought it safer to do this than leave a compromised site up and running.

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22 June 2007: The Editor is setting up an "Letters to the Editor" page on this web-site for a trial period for persons who want to have a say but don't want to go through all the hassles of a Discussion Forum. This is basically intended for responses to Editorial Comment, but other constructive comments will also be appreciated, indeed, they will be encouraged.

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25 May 2007: Quite a few changes in the Forum. New forum's/topics set up. This sport/hobby is only as strong as the people who are prepared to contribute/participate in it.

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26 January 2007:
A discussion forum has been set up to cater for any questions/comments/suggestions/comments people may have regarding their interest in this site and 12-Metre and related America's Cup inspired yachts in general.

The forum can be reached at d'12metre radio yacht forum

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Web Changes

13 January 2016:    Long neglected and overdue updates and changes currently in process. Also looking at a more up to date website presentation.
12 January 2010
   Galleries, News, & Index pages updated.
26 December
Links and User Submitted Articles pages updated.
20 December 2009:    User Submitted Articles page updated.
19 December 2009:    User Submitted Articles page updated.
18 December
Links page updated.
17 December 2009:    Blog created.
12 December 2009:    User Submitted Articles page updated.
11 December 2009:    User Submitted Articles page updated.
11 November 2009:    Website Updated - Editorial, Starter Section created, website structure changed slightly.
31 October 2009:    Website Updated - Editorial
24 October 2009:    Website Updated - Editorial
19 October 2009:    Website Updated - Editorial
26 July 2009:    Website Updated - Home, News, Starter boats pages updated.
25 July 2009:    Website Updated - Starter boats page updated.
17 May 2009:    Website Updated - For Sail page updated.
03 May 2009:    Website Updated - Home Page, EC12 Latest News Page.
12 February
Website Updated - Home Page, Link to Red Cross Bush Fire Donations Site established, Editorial Comment updated. Links Page updated.
19 December 2008:    Website Updated - contact details.
12 December
Website Updated - minor changes..
04 November 2008:    Website Updated.
03 November 2008:    Website Updated.
02 November 2008:    Website Updated.
04 October 2008:    Updates: Links page.
01 October 2008:    Updates: Home page, EC12 Latest News page.
19 September 2008:    Updates: Home page, EC12 Latest News page. Editorial Archive updated.
19 July
Updates: Editorial comment.
09 June
Updates: Letters to Editor page.
02 May 2008:    Updates: For Sale & Links pages.
24 April
Boats & Gear - New Page Added - Micro Magic.
20 April 2008:    Updates: 12-Metre Group page.
05 April 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment. "The Boats" page. "Editorial Comment" Archive.
04 April 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment. "For Sail" page.
28 March 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment. EC12 Latest News page.
25 March 2008:    Updates: Australian 12-Metre Radio Yacht Group.
19 March 2008:    Updates: "The Boats" page. Editorial comment. EC12 page.
16 March 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment. New 12-Metre Owner's Association page.
13 March 2008:    Updates: Miscellaneous Stuff item on News Page.
08 March 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment.
23 February 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment.
20 February 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment.
19 February 2008:    Updates: Links page, Home page, EC12 Latest News page.
01 February 2008:    Updates: Links page.
January 2008:   
Updates: "Stars & Stripes" page.
January 2008:   
Updates: A "Building of a NSW Australia II" page added to the Victor's boats menu.
16 January 2008:    Updates: Boats & Gear - EC12 Latest Information page updated. Website Home page.
12 January 2008:    Updates: Links page.
11 January 2008:    Updates: Editorial comment. Editorial Archives. Links page. Home page. The Boats-Real Thing page.
05 January 2008:    Galleries page updated.
01 January 2008:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
30 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
29 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
28 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - yet another additional Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
28 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - additional Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
28 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
27 December 2007:    Editorial updated. Busy day today.
27 December 2007: 
Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - additional Sydney Hobart Press Release.
27 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
26 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
21 December 2007:    General News item updated on News page.
20 December 2007:    Boats & Gear - The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
14 December 2007:    Links page updated. The Real Thing page updated - Sydney-Hobart Press Release.
12 December 2007:    General News item updated on News page. EC12 Latest Information page updated.
01 December 2007:    "For Sail" page updated.
30 November 2007:    "For Sail" page updated.
November 2007:   
"For Sail" page updated.
November 2007:   
Galleries page updated. For Sail page updated.
26 November 2007:    General News item updated on News page. For Sale page updated.
23 November 2007:    Links page updated.
17 November 2007:    Miscellaneous Item updated on News page. Galleries page updated.
November 2007:   
Editorial updated. News page updated. A2 Class page updated. Nautic12 page updated.
26 October 2007: 
General news item updated. Radio gear page updated. Links page updated.
21 October 2007:    New Editorial comment.
14 October 2007:    New Editorial comment. General News item updated.
09 October 2007:    General News updated. Links page updated.
05 October 2007:    New Editorial comment. Editorial comment archive page updated. Links page updated.
29 September 2007:    Forum Categories/new Forums added. Editorial Comment of 28/9/2007 minor revision. Miscellaneous Items updated.
28 September 2007:    New Editorial comment.
23 September 2007:    Miscellaneous Items updated.
22 September 2007:    The Galleries page updated. A2 Class more info page updated.
21 September 2007:    The Real Thing - Australian Sail Numbers page updated.
18 September 2007:    New Editorial comment.
15 September 2007:    Editorial comment updated. Home page modified.
11 September 2007:    Miscellaneous Stuff updated with news that the forum as configured now will stay. Home page updated to incorporate link to forums' showing last three posts.
08 September 2007:    Editorial Comment page updated. Letters to the editor page updated.
07 September 2007:    General News item updated. EC12 Latest Information page updated. Editorial Comment updated. Miscellaneous Stuff updated.
02 September 2007:    A "Building of Stars & Stripes" page added to the Victor's boats menu.
01 September 2007:    General Interest page updated.
31 August 2007:    The Boats page updated. General Interest page added to website.
30 August 2007:    EC12 "More Info" page renamed to "EC12-Latest News" and page updated.
29 August 2007: 
   EC12 Class (More Info) page added - includes full list of EC12 National Championship results.
28 August 2007:    A2 Class (More Info) page updated. General News item updated with EC12 National Championship results.
27 August 2007:    Nautic12 page updated. Additional page (More Info) added to the A2 Class main page.
25 August 2007:    Nautic12 page updated.
23 August 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
19 August 2007:    A2 page updated. General News Item updated.
18 August 2007:    Galleries page updated. Miscellaneous Stuff item updated. Editorial Comment updated.
17 August 2007:    Galleries page updated. Miscellaneous Stuff item updated.
16 August 2007:    Links page updated. Galleries page updated. A2 Class page updated. General News section updated. Editorial Comment Archive page added.
10 August 2007:    Links page updated.
09 August 2007:    Letters to the Editor page updated.
08 August 2007:    Nautic12 page updated. Links page updated.
08 August 2007:    New Heading added. General News. For latest info on Championships, Club activities, etc. Just let me know and I will update.
07 August 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
06 August 2007:    Nautic12 page updated. EC12 page updated. News page updated.
04 August 2007:    Nautic12 page updated. A2 page updated.
03 August 2007:    Editorial Comment updated. Links page updated. Nautic12 page edited. A2 page updated.
26 July 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
25 July 2007:    The Forum pages have been taken off air until further notice. See Miscellaneous Stuff above for more info.
19 July 2007:    Editorial Comment/Links/A2 Class pages updated.
28 June 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
24 June 2007:    Letters to the Editor page added. Links page updated. The Boats page updated. The Real Thing page updated.
22 June 2007:    Home page updated. Links page updated. Editorial Page updated.
19 June 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
09 June 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
07 June 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
25 May 2007:     Forum Editorial comment updated. Forum pages - new categories/topics added.
20 April 2007:    Editorial Comment updated.
26 January 2007:    Editorial comment updated.
22 January 2007:    Radio Gear page added to the site.

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