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The Nautic 12

This beautiful boat was manufactured in New Zealand for a while

This particular boat, has now, a very happy home in Tasmania...

After a promising start, this class faded, after copyright problems became an issue of the original, Ben Lexcen designed, A2 Class boats. And it is with much regret, that I advise that the innovative folks in New Zealand, who got this boat up and running are no longer producing it.

And the real shame is, is that in protecting the rights of the original boat, the New Zealand boat stopped being produced, but the Australian licensed manufacturer of the A2 proved ultimately, not to be interested in building these beautiful boats. And this hobby has suffered because the Aussies, cannot hold a candle to the New Zealanders'...

To me, they are still, the perfect, all weather boat. And with only a single set of sails needed, no matter what the conditions, unlike most every other class.

If anybody knows how to get a hold of the molds of this boat, I would dearly love a contact number, or numbers...

I love these boats, as I bought two of them, from the New Zealand suppliers. But some of the original crew have since suffered health problems, and because after I bought these boats, I became aware of the original source of these hulls, and subsequently created some problems because of copyright issues, it is very unlikely, that any enquiries by me, would be welcome.

But in hindsight now, and especially that there has been no interest from the Aussie side, from the original mold holders', model yachting has been the big loser.

I have always believed that the rights of any invention should go to the creator, but if the creator is not interested in promoting the invention, then I think it reasonable, that others be entitled to pursue its development, even if it means paying a royalty of sorts, to the original inventor.

I think where I went wrong with supporting the development of the Nautic 12, was that I know it was a copyright infringement of the original Ben Lexcen design, and should therefore, not be allowed, whereas, I think now, with the hindsight of extra wisdom, perhaps my approach should have been, to just pay the original mold holders a fee of $5 or $10, or some other agreed fee, per manufactured hull, rather than condemn the Nautic 12. ...And then, everyone would have been happy...

But I did not think of this at the time, and apparently, neither did anyone else... And the result was, I believe, that model radio yachting has suffered, and missed out on one of the best things that could ever have happened to it...

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