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26 December 2018: What I wrote below was once true. This was a great concept that went all wrong. But what scares me is that the same thing is going to happen with the DragonFoce 65/95 boats which have effectively replaced these little boats, even though they are still available. The DragonForce boats, like the Mico Magic at its introduction, have entered the market at a price everubody can afford and as a one design it should mean that the absolute beginner has the same boat as the many years experienced competitive sailor.

However, the Micro Magic experience means that the technofreak, incompetent sailors, looking to increase their competitive ability start modifying the riules and the base specifications to the point that there can be a huge variation in permitted equipment, some of it expensive compared to the base specification.Ergo, the beginner no longer has the same boat as the experienced guy, thereby once again wrecking a fantastic concept.

My understanding is that the Micro Magic Association exists no longer so some of the links below may no longer be valid. They will be correceted or removed in due course.

A New Kid on the Block!!

The boat below, the Micro Magic, is not a 12-Metre, nor is it even an America's Cup Class yacht, but it is a boat that has become very popular in Australia in the very short time that it has been available is some numbers. It is a boat that meets the needs of absolute newcomers to the sport as well as the most competitive competition sailors. This boat is good for our hobby/sport. It's popularity is growing almost daily, and i would not be surprised if it was not soon recognised as an official Class by the ARYA. That's why it appears here. Because it is good for the sport. But be warned! Exposure to this boat can become addictive. Australian Micro Magic Experience
The boat for all ages, the boat for the novice as well as for the most competitive sailor, the boat that can be sailed anywhere, the boat that is officially recognised in 14 other countries. Is this in fact the perfect boat for the perfect pastime?

Please Note: This page does not supplant anything that is available on the Australian Micro Magic site that can be found at Micro Magic AUS: News or by making enquiries to Float a Boat.  It is here merely as an additional information page.


This is the first get together for Micro Magic owners to exchange ideas and have fun sailing this amazing little yacht. There will be informal sailing along with a BBQ and a social evening. All boat owners and any interested persons are welcome. No experience is necessary. Interstate owners especially welcome for what promises to be a great event.

The Regatta will be over two days:

Saturday May 10th at the National Water Sports Centre, Riverend Road, Bangholme, Victoria. 
Melways 97 K2

Sunday May 11th at the Powerhouse Albert Park Lake, Lakeside Drive, Melbourne.
Melways 2L A11

For any other queries, please contact us on the number below.

(61 3) 9720 4526


My appreciation and thanks to   FLOAT a BOAT   for providing the above information


Welcome to Micro Magic Australia

The Micro Magic is a small radio controlled sailing yacht designed and manufactured in Germany.  In recent years it has seen as explosion of popularity in Germany and Holland, where very active Clubs have developed a grass-roots racing class for the boat. The Dutch club alone tallies over a thousand race-registered vessels.


The MM makes both a fantastic entry boat and a high-performance class racer.  Its quality, both in component materials and performance, stands well above similar sized yacht models.  It has virtually all the tuning, trimming and performance of larger One Metre models, but its size makes it a perfect car-fit for spontaneous afternoon trips to the pond.  The kit is easy to build without special tools and designed for a standard 2-channel stick radio with regular servos, perfectly balancing investment and performance.

The Australian Association is now being formed and sail numbers being issued.  Ideal as a boat to sail on your own for fun or an excellent one-design fleet racing machine.  For all the information on the MM International Associations, go to


The September 2007 Marine Modelling International magazine has a review on the boat (our part #Mag1/Sep07, $12.60).


Visit the Radio Yacht Supplies Australia website for pricing & delivery details.


Product Information

MICRO MAGIC is based on the relatively small one-man yachts which compete in trans-Atlantic regattas. The modern design of the hull, keel, rudder and rig endow the boat with high-performance sailing characteristics in light to moderate winds combined with simple handling. The boats compact size solves all manner of transport problems. Although the model is within most peoples modelling budgets and is very easy to build, MICRO MAGIC is quite capable of providing “real” sailing fun for young and old, beginner and advanced skipper alike. The model can be assembled from the kit in a very short time and requires only a few tools to complete. All the vacuum-moulded ABS parts are supplied CNC-trimmed to final size. The sails in the kit are ready-made and sewn in ultra-light sail fabric. The removable keel consists of a profiled glassfibre-reinforced keel fin and low-set ballast weight. The keel and the lightweight carbon-fibre mast fit in a strong keel/mast socket which is an integral part of the hull. Moulded-in recesses in the hull and deck shell dictate the correct position of the socket, so perfect alignment is automatic. The RC system components are also mounted on the socket and can be removed at any time, and maintenance is easy through the relatively large access opening. The simplest of RC systems is sufficient to control the model. Adding one low-cost standard servo provides full control of the sails in addition to the rudder. This enables the skipper to steer the boat on all possible courses, and extract maximum performance from the model.


Pack contents

Building instructions in German, English and French. CNC-machined vacuum-moulded ABS hull, deck, canopy and 2-part keel/mast socket, injection-moulded glassfibre-reinforced plastic keel fin and rudder, cast lead ballast weight, die-cut wooden internal hull fittings, ready-made sails, carbon-fibre tubing for mast and booms, various injection-moulded plastic parts and other fittings, boat-stand components, small parts, decal sheet for hull and deck.


RC functions: Rudder - Sail setting

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