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        Some sites/links/people that I have personally found to be very informative and helpful since I took up this hobby/sport some ten or so years ago. 

These folks continue to provide the same faultless, excellent, and prompt, service that I had become used to, when I dealt with Shirley and Malcom Kampe!
And their website is excellent! Highly recommended!


New Zealand East Coast 12 Owners' Association

New Zealand site for the East Coast 12 Metre - This site is constantly being updated.
There are some awesome pictures of EC12's in full flight on this site

Fantastic service from Rhonda and Adrian
These folks offer an exceptional range of fittings for all types of boating, and if you are into scale boating, then this is the place to go.
They have also taken up the Micro Magic so support is growing for this little yacht that is available in standard and racing versions.
Ask to be put on the mailing list for their recently launched Model Maritime News newsletter for their latest information.

In my opinion, the Rolls Royce of Sail Winches, and you can actually get to speak to Rob himself. How good is that!

Absolutely top-notch service from Alec. From a cold call enquiry for a custom set of sails to delivery to my front door in just 9 days!
Some great tips on sail tuning as well!

I rate my recommendations highly and consider them to be a reflection of my personal integrity. If you have an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, regarding any of the above suppliers, please let me know. I will follow up on any outstanding issue and report accordingly.

Builders of the A2 Class yacht - Australia II
Sadly, this boat is no longer being manufactured...

Victor Model Products
USA Manufacturer of the 1-metre Australia II and Stars & Stripes 12-metre boats

A credit to the sport in that they welcome absolutely anybody who wants to sail, irrespective of size or style or type of boat. (IC powered boats excluded)

All of the above organisations I have had personal contact with and can highly recommend their services and or products. And should you wish to contact me with any questions regarding the above I will be only too happy to answer any queries you may have. The links above have not been solicited. Funnily enough, if I get exceptional service then I like to let others know. I know it's a radical departure from the accepted practice of just complaining when it's bad but never saying anything if it's good. Hey, but what the heck, let's go wild here!

Other Links

Click to Sail Home
Very useful resource for many different classes of yachts. Very good supporting and construction links. An excellent site

New Zealand - Birthplace of the Canterbury 'J'

UK Suppliers of Canterbury and Nottingham "J" Class Hulls

The USA Home of the Canterbury J
Paderewski Model Yacht Club

Lester Gilbert's Radio Sailing 
Very informative site, mainly One Metre's but extremely useful general information as well. An extremely good reference site.


Victorian Radio Yachting Association

Tippecanoe Boats, ltd. 4305 Nordum Rd., Everson, WA 98247 USA phone/fax 1-800-206-0006 1-360-966-SAIL  
Handmade sailboats supplier


A source of plans for all sorts and types of model boats.
I purchased plans for Australia II from these folks. Instructions and photo's were not included, contrary to information advised in the description, but the large plans are excellent, except that all wording is in French! Another omission from the description. The small plan is only a line drawing.

Discussion Forums

Kiwi Radio Yachting Forum


Click on any of the links below to take you to the model yachting Australia forums

My Favourite Non-Boating Specific, Suppliers' Links
Some of the stuff these folks sell, is also suitable for radio yachting!

Metro Hobbies

Hobby Warehouse


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