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A form with the following contents was submitted to you on 2:10 am Monday June 9 2008:


rob mcpherson


Unfortunatly i am emailing you to announce that neville beatson builder of the nautic 12 suffered a heart attack sat 7/6/2008 he is currently recuperating in hospital I am sure that the members of your forum will want to send him your best wishes Rob Mcpherson Nautic 12 publicity officer

Comment to editor received 08 September 2007

Contrary to some of your recent editorials based on numbers at the recent Nationals the EC12 is third in popularity behind the IOM (65), the M (25), the EC12 (18), the 10 Rater (14) and the A Class (12)

While Qld has had a history in the Class dating back to the early days there was virtually no action in the state for some 15 years or so before the 2005 Nationals held at Springfield Lakes Qld.

The interest in Qld was generated by a spark initiated by Steve Crewes. Action was then taken up by a small group of dedicated sailors and a backing club who decided “Hold it and they will come”.

We have continued to hold a number of events in the state on a regular basis with State, SQ and Central Q, championships annually and this year a Lake Eden Classic based on a handicap system. While the numbers in the State are relatively small we have a small group who are prepared to travel Internationally, Inter and Intrastate to compete which improves skills and experience.

The EC12 contrary to talk in some quarters if rigged efficiently with A, B and C rigs can sail competitively in breezes well into the 20 Knot range. Yes it can be a handful in the stronger breezes but that is half of the fun.

Graeme Turk

A form with the following contents was submitted to you on 4:02 am Thursday August 9 2007:




i see that you are now trying to hinder the growth of the nautic 12. As previously stated there are 2 sides to every story! The LETTER YOU PUBLISHED RE ORIGINSOF THE NAUTIC 12 have been refuted by the person mentioned in its content.Yet you dont see fit to mention this.Is this a biased response?

I am not aware of the refutation, by any credible and/or reliable source, of any item stated in the letter published - Editor

A form with the following contents was submitted to you on 9:39 pm Wednesday June 20 2007:




Dear Dear Don, If you want to do editoral comment you're agoing tyo have to do it right. Get your facts right would help too.

FACT 1 We in NSW have NOT applied to the NSW council for recognision of Nautic 12s.

Fact 2 Triple Y yachts have spent considerable time explaining to you the origin of the Nautic 12 but you don't want to accept their answer.

A form with the following contents was submitted to you on 6:48 am Saturday May 12 2007:




nice site,good photos


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