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The General Interest Page

It is intention that this page be one of General Interest for anybody interested in yachting in any of its forms. Not just related to 12-metres. Why?  Because without the rest of the yachting community, the 12-metres would not be there either.

Any and all contributions gratefully accepted and will be acknowledged.

Please send any items of general interest to

Included below are a couple of interesting general interest links pointing to things that may be of interest to "Yachties", be they full-size boat sailors or radio yacht sailors, or even the general public.

Again, and as stated throughout this website, any links set up by me have been done so because I believe them to be of value and/or interest to the radio yachting community, and not for any pecuniary benefit.

ISAF Racing Rules of Yachting - abridged version, with diagrams, coming soon.
Diagrams will depend on copyright approval from publishers.

Australian Society of Marine Artists - what's it all about?

Click on the images to read the brochure

Click here to visit the Australian Society of Marine Artists' website

Jack Woodward's Model Shipyard

Click on the image to find out more

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