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The Year - AD 2012

Cherry Lake 28 January 2012

The Year  - AD 2010

Cherry Lake 10 January 2010
The three Amigo's

The Year  - AD 2008

Some Canterbury J Pics
Another Rough Day at Cherry Lake - 05 January 2008
Conditions, testing at times, still provided a great day's sailing with all the boats showing some pretty spectacular speeds at times.

The Year  - AD 2007

"A2" - Being tuned - 22 September 2007
Perfect weather conditions helped in setting up and getting familiar with the new boat's handling characteristics.

"A2" in company with Keith's "Victoria" - 18 August 2007
Erratic and variable winds, both in direction and strength made for less than ideal conditions for setting up one new boat and one recently refurbished.

The building of A2 Class Australia II - Hull #39 - April 2007
I personally found this to be a fascinating process. My thanks to Troy for taking the time and trouble to interrupt his work to satisfy my curiosity.

The Year  - AD 2006

Cherry Lake - 26 December 2006
"Maverick", "Maverick2", Keith's "Victoria" & Geoff's "A" Class - "Wizzle Wozzle"

Cherry Lake - 05 November 2006
Keith's "Victoria", 1st sail of "Maverick2", & Geoff's full size "WalkerBay10"

Cherry Lake - 29 July 2006
Ray's "Anderson 36", Steve's "Victoria", and "Maverick"

Cherry Lake - 07 January 2006
An "Avalon", (Pirate?) Pearling Lugger, Two Ketches & IOM

The Year  - AD 2005 and earlier

A Perfect day at Cherry Lake - 22 October 2005
An EC12 sailing in company with two Victoria's and an IOM.

One ROUGH Day at Cherry Lake - 5 August 2005
This was one rough mutha of a day, but two A Class boats, one EC12 and one 10-Rater braved the testing conditions.

An EC12 in Victoria
Sailing in company with two IOM's and I think a Magpie 90

The Victor Products Australia II
The boat that started my full on passion for the 12-metres, and further cemented my interest in the dark mysterious world of RC Yachting.







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