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For Sale

I have For Sale, an absolutely incredible boat. - Triple Y Yachts, Model Nautic12, Serial Number 107

My Nautic12, Maverick, the original, Is reluctantly, up for sale.  cry

This is the seventh boat built, with I understand, the first six hulls, being New Zealand boats 

This is my boat, Serial Number 107, which was the first official Australian boat, that got me well and truly hooked up on, and confirmed my passion for 12-metre yachts.  thumbsup.gif 

So much so, that after sailing it, there was no comparison between it and the EC12 boats that were the only 12-metre boats that were available that I bought another Nautic 12, at my own expense, solely and purely as a marketing tool to promote this boat. That's how good I thought it was. And the reality was, yes, it was that good. It was good enough to justify my investment, and it is still, in my opinion, the most versatile big boat available to the radio yachting community today.

Prior to the Nautic12's, there were available only the EC12's as far as I was aware at that time. And I tried, I tried very hard to get a new EC12 hull. I hounded people, I hounded manufacturers in Australia, I hounded anyone whose name was even remotely connected to EC12's, but because the ARYA had the EC12 Rules under consideration, understandably, no manufacturer, nor even anybody else that was interested in EC12's, was prepared to commit to making new hulls. And that was what I wanted.

As far as EC12's went the ARYA's reluctance to publish Rules, meant the death of the EC12 in Australia. And as much as I love the boat, indeed I have one, the EC12 is, in my opinion, finished in this country. And that is such a shame, as the EC12 is in my opinion the ultimate test of a sailor.

If one can sail an EC12, one will be able to sail anything else that is going.

But I digress.

It was the inability to get what I so dearly desired that drew me ultimately to a group of New Zealanders that were manufacturing a 12-metre boat that was a model replica of the victorious Australia II, that boat that took the America's cup away from the American's after 132 years. And this boat was available!

So I ordered one. It was, if not the first one in the country, it would certainly have been the second.

And I fitted it out in the best fittings available. Stainless steel was used throughout, and when stainless steel was not available, aluminium was used. Pekabe fittings are evident wherever they provided a product that was suitable. And where brass fittings were needed, only recognised quality brass was used.

I added a Guyatt winch, an 240DL, after speaking to Rob, the man himself as to what was the best winch for this boat. The radio systems including servo's are of the absolutely highest quality. The winch fitted to this boat is 2.4Ghz compatible.

Sheets are 90Kg Spektra material, and the shrouds, are multi-strand stainless steel encased by clear plastic. 

This boat will not let you down. It is a big boat that will sail in only 12 inches, 300 mm of water, in all weathers. It is the perfect boat that will sail in all conditions.

My reason for selling is that in order to sail with my friends, I need to travel 2 hours each way. That was OK while fuel prices were low, but in these times of fluctuating prices, I no longer have the luxury of travelling as frequently as I would like.

And anybody that knows me, will understand the reluctance with which I put this boat up for sail.

The Price? A bargain at $1,000 negotiable. But it does include a Hitec Flash5x Transmitter converted to Hitec 2.4Ghz along with a Hitec 7-channel full range receiver!

I am able to pack up the boat, including a one-piece 2.00 metre mast and sails, but transport will need to be arranged for pickup at my door by the purchaser.

Should you want further information please email me at

Below are some photos ( taken 17 May 2009) of this beautiful boat.

Maverick - the Original

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More photo's are available at the link below 


You are invited to view maverick's photo album: Cherry Lake 10 Jan 2010

herry Lake 10 Jan 20100

Cherry Lake, Victoria, -

12 Jan 2010
by maverickk

The Three Amigo's. Keith, Mark and Don having an informal sail on a near perfect day. Boats sailed were an Victoria, an Avalon and a Nautic 12.The Three Amigo's. Keith, Mark and Don having an informal sail on a near perfect day. Boats sailed were an Victoria, an Avalon and a Nautic 12.



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