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02 May 2009:

  New Zealand 2009 National Championships - Results




Above links Courtesy of NZEC12OA

03 November 2008:

 EC12 Important Notification 

The following notice comes by way of the ARYA website, and has been recreated here, in case affected persons are not aware of the existence of official radio yachting body avenues of communication. As stated in the body of the following notice, if anybody has any information regarding the whereabouts of any EC12's, please get in touch with the contact below via the email or phone.

This is an extremely positive move by the ARYA and they are to be commended for taking this step.

Notice to all EC12 owners

 Printer Friendly Documents: 




Notice to all EC12 owners


In the process of strengthening and bolstering our class by interested parties, it has been revealed that the record of details of all EC12 boats and owners, held by the AYRA is hopelessly inadequate and not up to par in comparison to all other class’s  records held by that body.


There is a push on at the moment in NSW and QLD to increase competition and activity in our class and revamp the flagging interest in this beautiful design.


To that end it is hoped that all current owners of boats will respond to the below mentioned contact with their complete contact and boat registration details ,irrespective of their understanding of current adequacy of their boat’s registration details.


Attached is the current list that the ARYA has on file that is supposed to be the definitive record of all the boats in Australia. We understand that this list contains names of numerous deceased people and frankly is not a happy state of affairs for the class to be in.


So could all owners please respond to Peter Morris at either email address or by phone on 0428 832 888 to supply the relevant information. Your assistance in this would be greatly appreciated and will do wonders in helping to revive the class.


Additionally even if you know of someone who owns a boat or is the spouse or partner of someone who owned a boat and you consider they would likely not see this notice or be unlikely to respond to this plea, please forward that info as well so that we can chase them up for the record and any future correspondence.


Again we stress how important this information is to the future success of this class

I'm not sure what information is required, but as far as I know, all EC12 hulls came with a manufacturer's label including serial number attached to the interior of the hull.   e.g. An EC12 I acquired had the following information on its label.

EC  12

I would imagine that information similar to the above, along with the 
boat owner's name, address and and as many contact details as possible, would be what would be required.

Please pass this message on to everybody you know. It really is a one-off opportunity to get these beautiful boats out of the closet. And one never knows, there might be a couple of dollars to be made by non-sailing owners passing on their boats to other EC12 enthusiasts.

18 September 2008:

  New Zealand 2009 National Championships 


2009 will be in Nelson region - probably around March.

NOR to follow when available.

  2009 WORLD's REGATTA - USA  - In Historic Charlestown, South Carolina 


Another update:

The dates have been moved again and are now FIRM - event will start Wednesday 7 October and conclude Saturday 10 October 2009.

Info and website for the event is via

Kapiti Coast, NZL
EC12's NZL1, 110, 128

Latest Update from the US

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The international gathering in Charleston South Caroline USA is being rescheduled September 30 through October 3, 2009.

We regret the need for this change but scheduling in the US required this change from November. All other aspects that have been present remain the same.

Please distribute this information you sailors in your country.


Rick West,
EC12 Class Secretary

The NOR and Entry form are out at

23 May 2008:


Thanks Graeme for posting the following link on the D'12metre forum site.

Full results and action photos on the event web site at

Some nice photo's here.

My congratulations to the Aussie's, Malcolm Kampe, Gary Declauzel and Graeme Turk taking out the first three positions with Neville Taylor being the first Kiwi home, followed by Chris Harmer, the second Kiwi home, in 5th and 6th positions respectively.

Malcolm Kampe QLD 94 Sorenson 72.6 1
Gary Declauzel NSW 20 Willoughby 84 2
Graeme Turk QLD 46 Gillies 99 3
Yeoman Sands QLD 61 Sorenson 113 4
Neville Taylor NZ 108 Norris 125 5
Chris Harmer NZ 110 Norris 133 6
Peter Morris QLD 12 Gillies 149.8 7
Craig Gutry NZ 95 Norris 183 8
Lindon Wilson ACT 192 Mini Mariner 185 9
Bob Stevenson ACT 182 Mini Mariner 228 10
Leigh Grove NSW 144 Mini Mariner 237 11
Colin Durran ACT 206 Mini Mariner 260.2 12
Allan Edward ACT 191 Mini Mariner 314 13
Ian Gilmour QLD 156 Sorenson 375 14


28 March 2008: - International Invitation to the 2009 Worlds Regatta - USA

My profuse apologies for the late post of this invitation from the East Coast 12 Meter Class - American Model Yachting Association folks which was actually received by  me on the 21st. If the New Zealand Worlds in 2007 is anything to go by, this event will again be a great success. Comments from Graeme below.

Hi Guys,
I have just received this from our US EC12 friends. If the event matches the NZ Regatta NZL2006 it will be well worth the experience
I will also have Eddie list it on the Major Events page.
[Graeme Turk]

For further information click on this link

19 March 2008: - EC12 Rules published! New EC12 Class Coordinator named!

The ARYA have finally put their name to a set of EC12 Rating Rules. And not only that, but I understand that a new coordinator for that class has also been named. And my congratulations and best wishes go to Leigh Buttress-Grove on his appointment, and thanks must go to Colin Ferguson, the previous class coordinator who I understand put in a mighty effort in formulating the new rules.

Onward and upward! Let no individual, or body of persons, now stop anyone, from the enjoyment and challenge of sailing an EC12.


New Zealand

New Zealand Nats 2008 April 11-13

The New Zealand Nats have been run and won!

Congratulations to 
Rod Liddy, Ian Hull-Brown and Nigel Petrie filling out the top three positions with a loyal supporter of the EC12, both in New Zealand and Australia,Chris Harmer, coming home in fifth place after being in the second six, the first two days.

Website Information here



From: Rick West 
Sent: Friday, 21 March 2008 7:22 AM
To: Obrien-Rob; Turk, Graeme
Subject: 2009 Worlds Regatta

Gents, please forward to your association and class. Thanks, Rick

         March 20, 2008


International Invitation to the 2009 Worlds Regatta


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is my pleasure to present this invitation on behalf of the US East Coast 12 Meter Class to host the second Worlds Regatta event in the United States. The event is scheduled for the first week of November 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina. This invitation by email is being sent individually to each of these countries: Australia, Canada, France, Sweden, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Please present this information to your members and groups.


The Notice of Race and other information is posted on the US EC12 Class website in the Regatta menu. The NOR is presented now with consideration for individual planning needed for international travel that would surely include more than toy boat racing. Details of the event will follow in time.


As the head of the Class, I will be your host and available to whatever assistance you need. I look forward to the event and visiting with all of you.


Kind Regards,

Rick West

Class Secretary US EC12 Class
139 Dardanelle Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044 USA

19 February 
2008: New Zealand Nationals 2008 Dates - see links above

12 December 2007: Just in - Australian 2008 EC12 National Championships Dates Confirmed.

EC12 Skippers,

The 2008 EC12 National Championship will be held at Lake Eden, NORTH LAKES QLD on 17th and 18th May.

Click on the 2008 National EC12 Championships link below for your, Invitation to Compete, together with supporting Accommodation Options and things to do activitieswhile in SE Queensland.

The formal NoR and online entry will be available shortly

May is a super time for a short break away which can be combined with an enjoyable sailing weekend.

07 September
 The EC12'ers are at it again! More Championships coming up! The ARYA have just posted "Notice of Race" notices for two more State/Region EC12 Championships. Visit the ARYA site for details.

QLD - Central Queensland EC12 Championships
Central Queensland E.C.12  Championship
Bundaberg 6th - 7th Oct 2007
 at the Botanical Gardens  Bundaberg on the North Side of the River


NSW EC12 Championships

Blakehurst 20th - 21st October 2007 at the Kogarah Bay Sailing Club. Dover Park (East), Princes Highway, Blakehurst.

 2008 National EC12 Championships         Results - 2007 National EC12 Championships         Photo's of Best presented boat

2008 Australian National EC12 Championships Information

EC12 Nationals 2008 - Invitation to Compete
EC12 Nationals 2008 - Accommodation Options
EC12 National 2008 - Things to do

All the above forms are PDF files kindly provided by Graeme Turk

I expect most people by now will have a PDF files reader of some sort, but if not you can click on the following link to download one:
Adobe PDF Reader 
Adobe Reader


Results - Australian National EC12 Championships
Canberra  25-26 August 2007

Results above and comments below courtesy of Graeme Turk.

The event went off very well with as usual for an EC12 Nationals good camaraderie all round.

Weather conditions were mild with breeze from near nothing during the first race which was timed out with the leader (Malcolm) around 4 boat lengths from the finish to around top of A rig for the last two races on the Sunday.

The event was sailed as one fleet (17 starters I think) which made things interesting on the start line.

It was clear from the start that Malcolm Kampe was on and his focus and attention to detail throughout the weekend was an example to others on how to sail a regatta to win.

At the end of sailing Saturday it was Malcolm in front by some 14 points from Gary Declauzel with Graeme Turk some 3 of 4 points in arrears with Yeoman Sands a few points further back.

The racing was rather intense amongst the top group on Sunday and a few skippers were suffering from a few too many reds the night before but soldiered on.

At the cessation of racing on Sunday, after around 25 races, it was Malcolm Kampe (Qld) 1st from Graeme Turk (Qld) 2nd and Gary Declauzel (NSW) 3rd.   At the time Graeme wrote this, positions after the first three or four places were not yet available - Ed.

Others to show form throughout the weekend were Yeoman Sands and Daniel Weizman  

I am indebted to Ian Gilmour who loaned me a beautiful boat to contest the event (Judged as “Best presented boat”)


Photo's of the "Best presented boat - Stardust"

Click on images for enlargement

Photo's courtesy of Graeme Turk

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