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Originating in New Zealand, this beautiful, elegant boat, is now sailed in New Zealand, the USA and in the UK, and is slowly making inroads in Australia.

Do you know why I love this boat?

It is because it is quite a big boat, but only weighs about 6.5 Kg! That means, it is quite easily handled, by even those of us, who no longer want to lift heavy boats like the EC12 or Nautic !2 or A2, all of which weigh 10Kg plus, into, and out of, the water...

Make no mistake... I love the above boats, and will sail them every chance I get, but for a quick sail, and an enjoyable one. I am looking forward to getting my own Canterbury 'J' built and ready to sail the socks of all the other America's Cup Class boats...

And the weight of a Canterbury 'J' is a mere 2 Kg more than the weight of those lightweight, but character lacking IOM's...

For a mere 2Kg's more, you get a slice of history, as the Canterbury J has been built using the J Class yacht 'Ranger' who successfully defended the America's Cup in 1937, against the British yacht Endeavour II, 4 - 0 in the very last competition by 'J' Class boats, as a basis for this beautiful model...

It is not an exact scale replica, as that would make it unsaleable, due to the laws of geometrics, and physics, but the folks in Christchurch, New Zealand, who designed this boat, have come up with something that is as aesthetically and functionally close to the original, in all aspects, as is possible, whilst still making it a very good boat to sail...

I just hope, when I finally get it built, that it will meet my expectations, as it's design has, in  the USA and the UK...

One extremely appealing feature of this boat, is that despite quite specific rules regarding measurement, and weight, it gives the interested builder, quite a lot of scope to stamp his/her individual presence, on the boat...

For more information about this boat, visit the birthplace of the Canterbury J at 
New Zealand Canterbury J

The Canterbury J is registered with the NZ Radio Yachting Association as a nationally recognised class.

Registered with the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) as The Canterbury J One Design Class

Canterbury J's
Above images courtesy of Paderewski Model Yacht Club

The images below are courtesy of the Canterbury J Class Association New Zealand
The birthplace of the Canterbury J


Some great Canterbury 'J' building resources:

The building of USA Hull #529 - from RC Groups Forum

The building of USA Hull #503 - from RC Groups Forum

Construction Notes from New Zealand Canterbury J website

Build manuals for UK Canterbury & Nottingham hulls (in PDF Format) - J Class Hulls UK

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