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America's Cup Models

These pages refer to the models I have some experience with. These are the models that ignited my passion after experiencing model radio control yachts...

Other Models

When you don't want to specialise, there are many boats that one can choose from to get into this great sport and they generally start at better price points than the more specialised America's Cup models, plus, most are RTR - Ready To Run which makes them very attractive for those with minimum skills but also provide opportunities for those more skilled to sometimes improve on the standard kit.

Radio Gear

This is just a very basic introduction and a very brief summary of radio systems that modellers use. These days there are quite a few systems around that cater for all leverls of radio control sport, with different disciplines having different needs particularly with regard to protocols and channels required for different uses.

The Real Thing

Just some snippets that come along from time to time regarding the full size sailboats or yachts some of which have been the sources for subsequent models.

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