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EC12's, Nautic12's, Australia II, and any other 12-metre variants and "J-Class".

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Australian 12 Metre Group

My Personal Passion

But back to my passion if I may. The 12-metres are America's Cup yachts, even though they were sailed in Europe before being adopted as the official rule for the America's Cup in the 50's. And whilst the 12-Metres are no longer the official America's Cup (AC) Class boats, they still faced the challenges that today's competitors face. I only found this out after my interest in the radio 12's developed. As that interest developed, so did my interest in the full size boats. The history of the America's Cup is quite something but the comment below, attributed to the New Zealander, the late Sir Peter Blake  sums up very nicely I think, how I see the America's Cup boats, which do include the 12-metres. 

BLAKE'S thoughts on what it takes to succeed in this regatta are contained in a letter he sent to Italian challengers Prada, who succumbed to his team in 2000.
The America's Cup is what it is because it is so difficult to win. It is not a game for armchair admirals. It is not a game for the faint-hearted. It is a game for those who are not scared of pitting themselves against the best that the world has to offer. It's a game where winning is almost impossible, almost, but not impossible. And this is why it is worth fighting for." By the late Sir Peter Blake. (Courtesy of the New Zealand Herald 22 June 2007.)

First I loved the radio control (RC) model. Then interest grew in the real thing. Then that fired up even more my interest in the 12-metre RC model. The model was here and now, and attainable. And through it you could, if you tried hard enough, really, really, hard enough, re-live some of the history including the romance, the mystery, the intrigue, the politics, the technology, the skills, the dedication that affected, and probably afflicted, all those who took part in the America's Cup challenges.

No wonder I am so smitten! All the ingredients of a suspense thriller are there. Reality check! Reality check! Reality check! Reality check!

Damn, how I hate those things sometimes! Isn't a "reality check" comment in the world of yachting an oxymoron?

Anyway, back to mundane reality. My own fleet comprises, again, funnily enough mostly 12-metres, but I also still have an IOM, and a 10-Rater and two J-Class boats under construction as well as a fishing trawler and a small IACC boat - America3, so whilst the 12's are my passion, I am not one-eyed about them.
 In fact I do take a genuine interest in all the craft sailed by my fellow radio sailors. And whilst the emphasis of this web-site focuses on the 12-Metre radio yacht, other yachts will also be referred to as appropriate. There is nothing more dangerous than tunnel vision or fanaticism. Hopefully this site will not be guilty of either.

This site has no ties or commitments with any particular manufacturer or supplier of goods in goods, service, or in kind. However, where I have had good service, I have made comments to this effect throughout the site as appropriate.

On the "Links" page you will also find funnily enough, links to various 
organizations. Most, if not all, of these I will have dealt with personally in one way or another, and any comments made under the links themselves are my own, mostly reflecting my own experience in dealing with these organizations.

Sadly, and after a promising start, the group below no longer exists.

But I feel the contents of newsletters published could still be useful to interested persons.previously

Australian 12 Metre Group

An Australian 12-Metre Group has been formed! (Please note: This group was originally known as the Australian 12-Metre Owner's Association. This is not a boo-boo. It is expected that there will be other changes as well, as this group develops and matures to adapt to the current environment and to look forward to the future).

Below is a communication received advising of same. This page will typically be for announcements. If not already done by the time you read this, a new category will be created in the forum pages where discussion relating to this association is encouraged.

 Newsletter Issues 

Issue #1  Issue #2  Issue #3

 Issue Number 3

31 May 2008: - May Newsletter Publication.  Click here to read The Australian 12-Metre Group, Newsletter No.3

I must apologise for the Newsletter being late this month. But it was due to unavoidable events.

Firstly, the Newsletter Editor, Steve was smitten with a health problem, and secondly, my computer died. However, I am really happy to say that Steve's health is back on track, and I've bought a new computer.

So here finally is Issue Number 3 - May 2008 of the Newsletter. Lots of good stuff to read. Just click on the link above to open the PDF file.

In addition to the words in the newsletter, I need to thank Steve also for providing most of the following photo's. Being the publisher of this website has some privileges, and I have exercised that privilege by also adding a couple of photo's of my own Victor Model Products' Australia II keel, to Steve's photo's, showing a practical application of the paint scheme.

Actually that brings up another thought. If any readers have pictures of their boats they would like to see published on this site, please email them to me at and they will be published as appropriate.

So folks, enjoy the Newsletter, and enjoy the photo's. And don't forget, if we are to promote this sport, we need to let the casually interested person know there is one!


Australia II keels 

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Aust 11 keel




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EC 12 at Tuggernong

EC12 Nats 3 NZ Boats

EC12 Nats Lyndon & Colin at Villa


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Jerry at the Wollongong club

Racing Warren & Jerry

Who said kiwis cant fly

 Issue Number 2

20 April 2008: - April Newsletter Publication.  Click here to read The Australian 12-Metre Group, Newsletter No.2

Things are still happening:

I need to thank Steve Crewes for compiling and making possible the publishing of this April Newsletter. Steve also needs the credit for the March Newsletter. In addition to the above, Steve has stated, and made a commitment that he will have prepared a newsletter with an objective of having it published and ready for reading ON the 20th of each month, on this website.

This month's Newsletter has lots of stuff in it. Good stuff. And well worth reading.

You know, I personally have never been one to dwell on the past of anything. ....Correction. That is, until I have taken an interest in it, and that is always to varying degrees. Take for example my interest in Helicopters. I need to know how they work but I have absolutely no interest in their past. However...., that has not been the case with these 12-metre boats. In this case I have taken an absolute, almost consuming interest, in their past. That's why I took up Heli's. I needed a balance. But, and still, I find the history, indeed anything to do with 12-metres, fascinating. And that is, I believe, why this month's Newsletter is especially interesting.

I have had exposure to, and/or own, or have owned, at least one example of each of the classes of sailboats sanctioned by the ARYA, along with many other sailboats. And I can certainly find logical reasons to explain why I am smitten with these boats, but there is also something else appealing within this class of boat, the 12-metre. I don't know what it is, but it has me entirely in its thrall!

The second Newsletter, (April 2008), for this group has now been published: 
Just click on this link to read. Happy reading!

Please Note: One thing I might make a comment on are some of the contents of this, previous, or future newsletters. We all have our favourites when it comes to selection of suppliers of things like sails, hardware, radio systems, etc.

I need to advise that recommendations for suppliers in the newsletter are not necessarily endorsed by me, however all these things are subjective, and decisions on choice of suppliers are, and always will be, up to the individual.

 Issue Number 1

25 March 2008: - Newsletter March 2008

Things are happening:

The first Newsletter, (March 2008), for this group has now been published: Just click on this link to read. Happy reading!

And don't forget, this site is for the benefit of all, so any contributions will be positively received. Anecdotes, pictures, articles, whatever can promote these boats in particular, and therefore Radio Yachting in general. And also don't forget to visit the discussion forum, where matters can be raised and/or discussed and responses expected to be prompt.

Please forward any articles for inclusion on this website to or to

A couple of photo's accompanied the newsletter. 
Click on the images below to see enlarged versions.
The picture on the left is of an 6-Metre circa 1955 and the one on the right is of Mac Googan's 12 Half Model.

13 March 2008: - Formation of Owners Association

Australian 12 metre Owners Association. 13/3/08 ( Part 1)

There has been some thoughts about forming a 12 metre Owners Association. There are over 4 X  12metre classes of these types yachts racing in Australia today.

Only one of these types are actually covered in any way by the National Organization in regards to rules and ratings. All these other types of 12 metre boats have similar needs to the one that is named by the National Body.

What is proposed is an Owners Organization to cater for all these 12 metre type exclusively, for it has become apparent that the National organization can’t do this job effectually, for it has all the other classes to run.

How will this organization run? It is envisaged that each of the 12 metre types will have their own class identity within the Owners Association. That we, as a group will have more strength (as a group) to formulate our special 12 metre needs as a combined organization, instead of doing similar things with each type of 12 metre over and over again in regard to rules, rating certificates and all the other type of stuff associate with your type of boat.

That we work together to push the needs for our special 12 metre type boats and, perhaps, combine in our approach to see we get a fair shake in our quest in R/C sailing. Our amalgamation of all 12 metre classes under the one roof and that each class will run its own affairs in conjunction with other like boats and under the united umbrella of the “AUSTRALIAN 12 Metre OWNERS ASSOCIATION”.

If you think you would like to participate in this, contact your class/ club secretary for more information. 

For further information contact: Steve OR Leigh Groves

Australian 12 metre Owners Association.     (Part 2)

This Part is about putting these thoughts into practice.

How do we get into an Owners Association as a Class? All Classes are made up of individual skippers & owners. These only have to show they are interested in this Association. Pay a nominal fee to join other “like minded” people who sail their12 metre class. This collection of people form one of these Owners Classes.Other people with similar types of 12 metre boats but not the same as the first ones mentioned, get together to form their Owners Classes Etc , Etc.

Now the funding of the Owners Association in this case will be by the people who wish to join but the money collected will be spent on getting the stuff that is denied to you currently. This could be spent on a monthly newsletter, rating rules & measuring certs and stuff like that. As the membership grows, you’re standing as a class grows, till the time where you can run your own Australian 12 metre Owners Association National Championships. The 12 metre National Championships will consist of 4 types of 12 metre classes in separate events.

Going to an Owners Association like this, the work and money is going towards making your hobby better and easier for you. Other countries like America and New Zealand have these Owners Associations and they work fine and don’t go through what the EC12 class in this country is going through. We have seen the fiasco of the last 4 years of the Rules Rewrite that has taken place with the EC12 class. You know there must be a better way and there is and this is an Owners Association controlled by people who know and are interested in your boat. You don’t have to leave your current national body to join the Australian 12 metre Owners Association.

Now I want you to consider a scenario under the current condition of the EC12 rule. What if you as a class want to change one little item in your rule, would it take another 4 years? In an Owners Association it should take about a month. Food for thought.

I ask you to consider joining us to further your class in all its aspects.
[Steve Crewes]

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